PlusReach: Non-Panel Reimbursements

PlusReach is a HealthMetrics add-on module that allows corporates to provide their employees with a digitalised solution for submitting their claims through the HealthMetrics mobile app, without having to go through the hassle of submitting paper claims.

PlusReach HealthMetrics

Of Using PlusReach

Reduce Your Workload PlusReach

Reduce Your Workload

Take advantage of HealthMetrics detailed analytics & reporting. Say no to excel sheets!

Claim On-The-Go

Allow your employees to submit their claims on the HealthMetrics mobile app anytime anywhere

Tracking & Notifications PlusReach

Tracking & Notifications

Employees can track their claims anytime anywhere and get real-time notifications

PlusReach Real World

Step 1

Employee visits a non-panel clinic for treatment and gets a receipt & MC

Step 2

Employee uses HealthMetrics Mobile App to submit claims for reimbursements

Step 3

Once the claims have been approve by HR/HealthMetrics, HealthMetrics will reimburse the claims directly to the employees

Step 4

HealthMetrics will compile the claims into a single invoice for companies to pay

Using PlusReach

Taylors University PlusReach
FashionValet PlusReach
Asia e University PlusReach

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