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COVID-19: What Do We Know So Far?
26th March 2020 | 10am - 11am
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Feature Spotlight: Panel Access Policy as Cost-Containment Measures

9th September 2020 | 10.30 AM 

About The Webinar

Cost-containment measure is deemed as a crucial step to many companies at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Realising this situation, HealthMetrics will be featuring it's Panel Access Policy component that was launched earlier this year to create awareness on utilising this feature to manage their cost better.
What is Panel Access Policy?
Why is this feature an essential part of your cost-containment measure?
How to configure the setting for my organisation?



10.20 AM: Attendees Login

Attendees logging in to the room using the Microsoft Teams link


10.25 AM: Announcements

Housekeeping announcement from organizer


10.30 AM: Part 1 - Introduction to Panel Access Policy

Host welcomes Max Thum to start the webinar


10.45 AM: Part 2 - Tutorial Session

Host welcomes Sulokshana Ramaravoo to start the webinar


11.00 AM: Q&A Session

Speakers will respond to questions in the chat section


11.15 AM: Webinar Ends 

Host summarise and end the session

Webinar Speakers


Head of Revenue, HealthMetrics
Max Thum, a UK- and Malaysian-registered pharmacist, is the Head of Revenue at HealthMetrics. He’s responsible for the business strategy, customer relations & leads the Revenue team. Prior to HealthMetrics, he drove the digitalisation efforts for a chain of community pharmacies to electronic prescriptions during his time as a pharmacist in the UK. During the same time, he was an active fundraiser for the Southampton General Hospital charity fund with the aim of providing new medical equipment for cancer care wards.

Upon his return to Malaysia, he was leading the Respiratory Field Medical Affairs as a Medical Scientific Liaison in Novartis. As an MSL, he was supporting key medical experts in the Respiratory field to address unmet needs within the therapeutic area. Since joining HealthMetrics, he has led the Revenue team to address corporate healthcare by using data analytics to personalised corporate programmes rather than off-the-shelf programmes.


Onboarding Specialist, HealthMetrics
Sulokshana Ramaravoo is the Onboarding Specialist at HealthMetrics. She is the go-to person when it comes to assisting companies and organisation when they first started using HealthMetrics. She takes pride in assuring HR professionals and employees received the proper guidance in utilising HealthMetrics to fulfill their companies need. Until today, she has successfully onboarded more than 200 corporates throughout Malaysia.

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Copyright © 2020 • HealthMetrics 
(Reg # 1170495-P | 201501045173) 
Copyright © 2020 • HealthMetrics (Reg # 201501045173) 
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