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Influenza makes up to 47% of overall employee visits to clinics and with the recent increase in influenza cases, protection is more important than ever!

Benefits of Getting Flu Vaccinations With HealthMetrics

On-Site At Your Office

Get your flu vaccination done at your office and get back to work in no time as a vaccination takes less than 3 minutes per person. 

Protect Your Employees

Flu Vaccinations have been shown to reduce doctor visits by 60% due to influenza-like-illnesses as well as hospitalisations among adults by 40%.

Improved Productivity

Flu Vaccinations help to reduce GP visits and increase productivity due to lower absenteeism. 
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The results of the case study concluded that:

  • The rate of influenza-like-illness (ILI) was lower among the vaccinated (8.13%) than non-vaccinated subjects (30.31%)
  • Based on Sick leave data, vaccination reduced absenteeism in 78% of cases
  • Savings up to 75% in terms of labour costs

Source: https://share.healthmetrics.link/b/E3N

Flu Vaccination ROI Calculator


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