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Manage all your employees’ health benefits on one platform

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Your personal assistant to manage all your
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Leave the tedious manual work to us. Now you can spend more time with your employees.

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Need to know what you’re paying for employee health care? We got it for you here.

Predictive Analytics

Not sure what to budget for next quarter? We’ve got that for you.

Health Benefits. Peace of mind for your employees, without the hassle of administrative work.

We all know medical benefits are crucial in our organisation. But the management surely isn’t easy. HealthMetrics manages your entire team’s health benefits in a single platform without a single entry onto Excel or even touch a single receipt. Best of it all, all the data are supercharged and converted into analytics for you to make smart business decisions.

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What is HealthMetrics?

HealthMetrics is a cloud enterprise software that automates the management of employee healthcare & flexi-benefits.

How many panels does HealthMetrics have?

HealthMetrics is supported by an extensive & rapidly growing network of 3000+ healthcare partners throughout Malaysia.

How many clients does HealthMetrics have?

Approximately 1000+ companies and 130,000+ users use HealthMetrics to manage their corporate employee healthcare benefits.

What is HealthMetrics business & support phone number?

+60 03-7661 6229

What is HealthMetrics business email address?

What is HealthMetrics support email address?

Is HealthMetrics free?

HealthMetrics operates on a freemium model where the core services are free to use and further add-ons have a price.

Does HealthMetrics offer outpatient specialist?

Yes, HealthMetrics offers outpatient specialist as an add-on which can be purchased in addition to the free services.

Does HealthMetrics offer inpatient specialist?

Yes, HealthMetrics works with several associate companies in order to provide inpatient specialist to their corporate customers.

What is a third-party administrator (TPA)?

A third-party administrator (TPA) is a company that can be used by other corporates to manage their employee benefits and other operational tasks.

Why should I get a third-party administrator (TPA)?

A corporate typically hires a third-party administrator (TPA) to outsource administrative tasks which tend to take up a lot of their own time thus affecting overall productivity.

How do I provide health insurance to my employees?

There are several ways to provide health insurance to your employees such as engaging with a TPA, buying insurance from an insurance company, or getting an all-in-one digital solution.

Why are health benefits important?

Offering health benefits is one of the simplest yet most effective way to reward your employees and attract talent. Moreover, Health benefits can improve productivity, boost morale, and help in shaping a more positive company culture.

Are TPAs the best way to provide health benefits in Malaysia?

TPAs reduce your workload but over time as your company grows, the workload grows with it and costs go up. Using an all-in-one digital solution might be a better option.

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